TSOP Proceedings: Book of Abstracts

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POSTER Presentations

  1. Maturity and porosity of kerogen type ii and iii during gas generation at varying pressure and temperature; Agnieszka Drobniak
  2. Chemical relationships between kerogen and bitumen fractions of mature Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Vaca Muerta Formation; Insights from organic petrography and FTIR techniques; Agnieszka Drobniak
  3. Source rock potential of Paleogene coals and coaly mudstones from the Urahoro Group in the Kushiro basin, eastern Hokkaido, Japan; Koji Takahashi
  4. Gas content and methane carbon isotope varied behaviour during canister desorption of shale gas at reservoir and elevated temperatures; Yong Ma
  5. The characterization of organic matter pores in marine-continental transitional shales; Zhaodong Xi
  6. Mineral matters and trace elements in ashes from high arsenic coal-fired power plant in Inner Mongolia, China; Junying Zhang
  7. Coalbed methane occurrence in relation to geological structure and coal properties in the Ćwiklice- and Dankowice coal deposits (Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland); Sławomir Kędzior
  8. The Reactivity of Polish Coal Gasified in a Carbon Dioxide Environment; Barbara Bielowicz
  9. Methane production potential estimated by incubation experiment of Pleistocene sediments from a natural gas field of the dissolved-in-water type, central Japan; Hideyoshi Yoshioka
  10. Methylated naphthalenes as molecular indicators to evaluate the source organic matter and source rock lithology of degraded oils; Kenta Asahina
  11. Petrological and Geochemical composition of Permian coals from Hedong coalfield, China; Shuheng Tang
  12. Combination Low-field NMR with mercury intrusion porosimetry to characterize pore size structure of shales; Fenglin Gao
  13. Gas content Logging evaluation of Xinkailing and Lishuwo Formations in Jiangxi Xiuwu Basin; Fenglin Gao
  14. Geochemical characteristics and Origin of Natural Gas in Changxing-Feixianguan Formations from Longgang Gasfield in Central Sichuan Basin; Yan Deng
  15. Pore characteristics of overmature shale and its controlling factors of the Wangyinpu and Guanyintang Formations in the Jiangxi Xiuwu Basin; Fenglin Gao
  16. Organic Geochemical characteristics of coal rich in hydrogen; Shaoqing Wang
  17. Geochemical evidence of in – situ accumulation of tight gas in Xujiahe Formation coal measures of Central Sichuan Basin, China; Shengfei Qin
  18. Preliminary results from a new approach to test the role of water in petroleum generation; Paul Hackley
  19. Organic Petrography of Source Rock from Upper Pematang Formation, Central Sumatera Basin, Indonesia; Hendra Amijaya
  20. Behaviors of hazardous trace elements during entrained-bed coal gasification processes in Ningdong, China; Yuegang Tang
  21. Reconstruction of original kerogen types using inorganic geochemical proxies in the Devonian Horn River Formation of western Canada; Sung Kyung Hong
  22. Chromium speciation in ancient sedimentary records: Advancing the paleo-redox proxy; Heidi Babos
  23. Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Palynostratigraphy of the Husky Formation, Northwest Territories, Canada; Anne Nguyen
  24. Reactive components of coals as a factor determining the optimization of blast furnace coke production; Iwona Jelonek
  25. Coal seams No. 358/1 and 364/2 in the Budryk mine – sedimentation conditions, stratigraphic position and petrographic properties; Iwona Jelonek

A printable version is available at: POSTER Presentations